Sunday, August 28, 2016

Please add

I have added a number of schools in Tower Hamlets to the site.


Many thanks for the help you've already given us with running our site.

As you know (as you've used it!) we have a form for suggesting new bodies at:

You can suggest public bodies using that form if they're subject to
FOI or not, if they're not subject to any access to information
legislation but we think they should be we'll add them.

Do explain in the notes field what you understand the body's position
is in relation to access to information law eg. if you think it's
subject to the Environmental Information Regulations but not FOI, and
what you think the position should be.

Some of the reasons we might take into account when considering if a
body really is a public body which should be subject to access to
information laws include if it:

* makes public appointments
* receives substantial public funding
* controls public assets
* has a regulatory function
* controls significant national infrastructure
* distributes public funds

It's not always clear cut, especially "receives substantial public
funding" as we don't generally add those contracting to, or providing
services, to the public sector. (We don't list BMW even though they
receive lots of public money as a result of supplying cars to the
police for example).

When we add bodies which are not subject to access to information laws
we are doing it as part of some activist lobbying seeking to get the
scope of the law extended to cover them.

You can see the list of bodies not subject to FOI which we list at:

It would be amazingly helpful if, when suggesting a new body, you
could suggest what we ought say to users, in the form of a public note
of the sort you can see at:

Your views and suggestions in this area are welcome

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