Sunday, May 31, 2015

UK Democracy

Below is something I wrote yesterday. I have had a few more ideas but I have decided not to add them for a week or so.

Democracy in the UK.

I am interested in this topic a bit so I thought that I would write something on it. Email me with any comments.

The aim of this is to discuss the state of democracy in the UK.

  1. We need primaries for political parties like Labour is doing with the idea of anyone who pays £3 can vote for Leader and Deputy Leader (not sure about London Mayor) This should be extended to Parliamentary candidates and even local Council candidates.
  2. Political Parties should put up candidates for Healthwatch boards.
  3. SNB's should also have elections for them.
  4. We need not just the Police and Crime Commissioners elected but also the boards that oversee them.
  5. We need County Health Boards like UKIP suggested this includes London.
  6. We need elected regional Mayors but also assemblies like we have in London.
  7. Also this is worth considering for the regions it could be instead or with elected Mayors.
  8. NHS Foundation Trust elections should be contested by political parties. They have power but no one knows about them.
  9. We should have Fire and Rescue Commissioners in the same line as Police and Crime Commissioners.
  10. Neighbourhood Planning Forums should be elected
  11. We should have a simple but fair recall of MPs and other politicians. Though I am not in favour of the one by Zac Goldsmith.
  12. We should have School Boards which run State Schools but regulate private ones like they do at the moment but democratically elected.
  13. We should have boards for social services.

Please note that I have used links for examples rather than any implied suggestions.

All those elections should be contested by political parties.

I am sure there is a lot more but this is what I can think of at the moment.

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