Sunday, March 1, 2015

Raju Miah

This is what I wrote about Raju Miah on whatdotheyknow He says on his email that he is a communications assistant at Tower Hamlets.

Raju Miah is the man who contacted me to tell me that I was unblocked. I obtained the following from the comments on

Below is the comment.

This should be read in conjunction with

Thinking that Tower Hamlets would more readily respond to enquiries from an Asian journalist I got one, a friend of mine, to ask some questions of the Orwellistically named ” Communication ” department of Tower Hamlets some questions. I was wrong it turned out, the hatches have been battened down.

Bear in mind the name of the department, not press but communications. He asked a number of questions about Ms Parchment.

Was she still employed by the council? Was her reported absence from her duties at the Town Hall correct? What was or were the reason/reasons for her absence? Would they like to comment on her reported presence at The Royal Courts of Justice and Pret a Manger in The Strand talking to people who appeared to be witnesses in the current judicial enquiry into possible electoral malpractices in Tower Hamlets?

All fairly innocuous questions that any journalist might be entitled to ask about such a highly paid council official who seemed to be absent from her duties. Not so. Commdept wanted to know about my friend and asked a number of questions about his journalism, which papers and other outlets he had written for, his mobile number etc.

Eventually, it seems they have heard of The Press Trust of India, they decided he was who he said he was and gave this detailed answer. ” Thank you for clarifying which media outlet you represent. The council does not comment on individual members of staff”. This was from Raju Miah. 0207 364 4940 07984 276583.

There you have it members of the jury. What is going on? There are a number of issues here that need to be answered by somebody, maybe old ford1 can help.

What exactly are the duties of The of Mayor’s Office? When Parchment’s appointment was made what was the job description? What exactly is she doing flitting back and forth across The Strand talking to people who are possible witnesses? And that’s just for starters! Feel free to add your own questions.

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